painted floors

Chevron by Gina Bishop

"Is chevron out?" My friend asked me this today and I thought it was a great question. In our current age of information overload, ideas and designs that you may have seen only in magazines or occasionally in someone's home are now just one easy click away. We've seen chevron for a couple years now and though it may seem like it's everywhere, my simple answer to my friend was "no, it's not out." And the reason I said that is because even though chevron is a trend that has been incredibly embraced, design and style is not about updating every piece you own to follow the times. It's about incorporating elements that you love and that reflect your personality into your living spaces.

So if you dig chevron, throw a pillow or two on a chair.

Or stack some bangles on your arm.

Or go crazy and paint your floors!

But do it because you love it, and keep doing it because you love it. Your house is where you should be most comfortable, so make sure you include always your favorite things in it.