mountian decor

Stowe, VT by Gina Bishop

Stowe, Vermont is probably my husband's favorite travel destination in the United States.  Yesterday was his 40th birthday (we have been together 1/2 his life now) and he spontaneously decided a few weeks ago that we would be driving to Stowe, VT (12 hours) to celebrate this milestone birthday.   Even though Brian is a financial planner by profession, he is an outdoors man by nature (pun intended)!   He loves the snow and he loves mountains.  The beauty of Stowe for me is that it is on the east and the elevation is 3,000 feet.  It is gorgeous!  The little town is quaint and so picturesque.  There is a darling little store in town called Stowe Mercantile that I love.  It is so "old school" and you feel like you have stepped back in time.  The pace in the state of Vermont seems so different from even Ohio because there really is nothing that is on every corner and super accessible at all times.  We learned there are no Targets in the state.  SHOCKING!

The pictures posted are from the Stowe Mountain Resort where we stayed and skied and the last photo is a house we loved that is in Stowe. Stowe Mountain Resort is fab. The amenities are awesome.  Your ski boots  are warmed for you before you hit the slopes and the dining at the resort is so yummy.  Vermont is a big dairy state (think Ben & Jerry's ice cream) and the local flavor of food is delicious.  The decor of the resort is just so cool and I love the use of the birch trees throughout the space.  The decorating uses colors found there in the fall and mixes mountain and contemporary so nicely.  The floral arrangement that greets you in the lobby of the resort had owls in it and owls were throughout the decor.  Of course,  I thought it was great!

The house in the last photo really is a dream house for us.  It was way up on a mountain and the view from the backyard faced the resort with mountain views that were breathtaking  Just amazing.