Barn Sale "Tea"ser by Gina Bishop

Wow! Thanks for the great response here and on my Facebook page! You guys seriously rock. The contest is closed and I will be announcing the winner a little later today, so check back.

I am getting SO excited for the barn sale. I can't sleep and am up at the crack of dawn running around like crazy. But it's a good crazy.

Like my last sale, I've invited Angela Strach-Gotthardt to serve her amazing teas (mojito rooibos, almond citrus herbal blend, and earl grey creme) and scrumptious macarons in the lower-level (that sounds better than basement, right?) of the barn. Angela is the founder of the Secret Tea Society here in Hudson and has become a great friend. She also was just featured in the Akron Beacon Journal. Angela started the Secret Tea Society because of her love of teas and good conversation. Once a month she invites a small group of women to her home to listen to a hand-picked speaker and to engage in lively conversation. And, of course, to drink delicious tea! I just love that Angela has followed her bliss, and she hopes that her monthly "salons" help others create their own tea memories.

Angela plans to bring her teas and accessories (I just love her polka dot tea pots above!) to her own pop-up salon and shop during Hudson Days, but until then you can taste her yummy teas and treats downstairs in the barn!

Oh, and check out The Secret Tea Society's most recent video - it's really sweet.