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cute sweater pillow by Gina Bishop

I was inspired by the SNOW this weekend here in Northeast Ohio so I made this snowman pillow out of upcycled felted sweaters. I have been loving going to Goodwill and finding wool sweaters and making cool NEW things from them. This one is $38 plus shipping and if you are interested please email me at gina@homegirlshop.com or call me at 330-650-2135. I'm making more and will be posting them!

Here we go again... by Gina Bishop

So I'm thinking of having November sale which means I need more space to hold cold (but happy :))shoppers... We are heading into the basment of the barn and fixing it up as beautifully as the upstairs. I cannot belive I never took pics of the barn upstairs before it's transformation. That will not be the case with the downstairs. The funny thing is the downstairs is a "nicer" version of what I was faced with upstairs and we all know what that beacme. I will keep you all posted on our progress. SERIOUS FUN STUFF for us Bishop's!