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Had to share this post from Emily of by Gina Bishop

What is it about Ohio?

Written by Emily

My experience in a place is impacted by two key elements–the weather and the people…sure, the architecture and landmarks, lush foliage, cultural capital–that’s all nice, too, but the weather and the people are game changers for me. If it’s a sunny 70 degree day with a slight breeze and no humidity, suddenly everything around me just looks better. Trash heap–better. Stagnant pool–better. Centralia, the burning town in Central PA–if it’s 70 degrees, it looks and feels just right to me. You get the idea.

This weekend, I was in Ohio. While the weather did not meet my requirements every second, Ohio has the most valuable commodity, trumping even the weather. It has fabulous people. I mean FABULOUS. I kind of love it there and would consider uprooting my family to live there simply because of the people I met at every turn–kind, friendly, smiley people–EVERYWHERE. Wait staff, pedestrians, fellow shoppers, shop owners, there was no exception to the hospitality. I felt as though I was being recruited to live in this wonderland of friendliness, and I was ready to sign on the dotted line.

Having lived in Pennsylvania my entire life and having graduated from Penn State, I know there is an unwritten rule about being an Ohio State fan. I think it might be a crime of some sort. If that were not the case, and if I didn’t fear catapulting my father into a frenzy of crazy, I would cheer for the Buckeyes. I would even wear one of those silly buckeye necklaces and everything–the people were THAT amazing.

I won’t lie to you. The reason I happened to be in Ohio may have contributed to my new love of the state and the reason I might have to look into Ohio real estate. My mom, my aunt, my two precious girls and I spent the weekend at the Country Living Fair. And it was worth every minute of the 8.5 hours it took to get there (nevermind that it’s only supposed to take about 6.5 hours). It was even worth the terror we experienced trying to find a hotel in the middle of the night–think about every horror movie you’ve ever seen (except The Human Centipede–do not ever think about that). Now add a car full of women relying on a not-so-helpful GPS in a town where every normal-looking hotel is booked solid. And then add two crying little ones. The fair was even worth all of that.

You don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Don’t you love the sentiment? You must check out their blog. But be careful, you might want to embrace a new “gypsy” lifestyle you never knew you loved. I scored some fun bangles from these ladies:

And there was this guy. Who doesn’t love a hippie in denim overalls, who can make babies (and moms) dance?

Not your scene? Ok. Check out these bowls.


And these dough bowls?

Don’t you want to write the story of the bakers who used these lovely wooden relics?

What about these bits and pieces of wooden marionettes?

Ok. Maybe we’re back to the horror movie theme.

But the booth that housed these bits and pieces was too fun for words. Check it out for some color inspiration.

And if I hadn’t already been itching for Fall to touch down in my house (which I totally was), I couldn’t have avoided it after seeing the autumn awesomeness at the Fair.

Look at these glittery pumpkins:

Can you smell a DIY project coming on?

And this sparkly sprig?


And just because:

I would be remiss not to share with you a little fashion insight that I snagged at the fair. Boots of all kinds–especially riding boots–are a fashion do–in a big way. If you’re not sure how to wear them or doubt they’re for you, check out how these fair fashionistas rocked them.

I especially love them with skirts and dresses as seen on the saleswoman from Twist Style (You must check out this jewelry. You will swoon!).

Finally, before I close, I have to mention my latest girl crush, Gina Bishop, Homegirl. And while I kind of want to keep her all to myself, I just have to share her with you. Check her out at her blog or her MSN two-minute design tips or maybe you already have a girl crush on her because you saw her guest appearance on The Nate Berkus Show. She embodies everything good about this girls’ weekend–warmth, enthusiasm, style and general awesomeness. She is Ohio at its finest.

Until I can make my next trip to, Ohio, I’ll be basking in the memories, putting my new treasures on display and diving head-on into some DIY goodness. Until next time, Ohio. Until next time!