Fairy Garden by Gina Bishop

Our fairy garden is one of our most treasured items in the Homegirl household. A fairy garden is a miniaturized garden, made complete with living plants and décor and I would like to live in mine. This tiny space awakens your childhood imagination and is certain to captivate you, your family and guests. This mystical bed requires tender care and is only limited to your imagination. Suncrest Gardens, our local garden center,where we were inspired to create our own, incorporated the holiday season into theirs and it is really fun to change it with the seasons. In our fairy garden, we added things from around our yard and you can also find items on Etsy.  One of my favorite things I've seen is a clothes line with gnome clothes hanging.  My assistant, Maggie, bought us these little animals on Etsy for Christmas to put in ours, which I change with the season as well.  We also have tiny lights around the arbor of ours which look really pretty to put on at night. We really do get so much enjoyment out of it and hope you are inspired to create one of your own. I am so dreaming of Spring and changing mine yet again!

* Warning though, Cats love fairy gardens, so you have to place things in there that would make them uncomfortable to sit in or your can also do one in a terrarium, so they can't get to it at all!

above 3 images from Suncrest Gardens

last 5 images our fairy garden